Friday, December 30, 2011

The surreal wonderland of creepy-crawlies: Photographer creates fantasy world - on his kitchen table without digital trickery


Slugs, snails and other creepy-crawlies might not be to everyone's taste, but as these photographs reveal, they can help create stunning works of art.
Photographer Nadav Bagim has created a surreal wonderland of giant toadstools, pastel skies and brightly-coloured flora in which insect characters roam.
Nadav, 30, from Ramat-Gan, Israel, took up photography three years ago and immediately became interested in shooting nature and macro landscapes.

Magical world: These out-of-this-world scenes were created in Nadav's kitchen using insects he found around his home

He finds his subject matter - spiders, crickets and other bugs - in and around his apartment, and shoots most of the scenes on a kitchen table.
Titled The Wonderland Series, Nadav, a science student, said: 'It is being composed by using a unique but rather simple and elegant artificial lighting and household objects form vegetables to plastic bags.

The slug and lettuce: Some of the surreal images created by photographer Nadav Bagim
'The photos are shot mostly in a miniature studio on my kitchen's table with a Canon EOS 60D Camera, and a Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens and flashes. They are real and not a digital manipulation.
The outcome is a beautiful and magical set with a fairy flair to it.'
Nadav pointed out that none of his subjects are harmed during the photography sessions.

In the pink: This slug appears perfectly content in its florescent landscape

source: dailymail

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