Monday, July 18, 2011

The bee’s knees? Chinese contestants cover themselves in insects for ‘bee bearding’ competition


Daredevil: Beekeeper Wang Dalin, 42, stands with bees covering his body on a weighing scale during a 'bee-bearding' competition.

Chinese farmer Wang Dalin will certainly 'bee' happy after winning this incredible competition.

The 42-year-old beekeeper was competing in a daring 'bee bearding' contest in Shaoyang, Hunan Province of China, against 20-year-old farmer Lv Kongjiang.

The pair competed by standing on a scale wearing only a pair of shorts.

They then used queen bees to attract other bees onto their bodies.

Fearless: Wang Dalin shortly before the bees completely covered his body

Mr Dalin was crowned the winner after attracting 26.86kg of bees onto his body in 60 minutes, according to local newspaper reports.

Mr Kongjiang managed to attract a slightly lower 22.9 kg.

Second place: Lv Kongjiang waves at onlookers watching the 'bee bearding' contest

The event attracted a large crowd of fascinated onlookers.

However, unlike the competitors, many of them took the more sensible option of wearing protective clothing.

Support: Crowds watch as bees cover Wang Dalin

source: dailymail

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