Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who are you calling fat? The tubby cat who doesn't take kindly to jokes about her weight


Cheer up: She may be the cat's whiskers but Giuly adopts a bit of a glum expression

Giuly the tubby cat may look a bit down-in-the-mouth but in fact she has every reason to be purring.

For the five-year-old exotic shorthair feline has become an unlikely internet sensation since her owner uploaded photos of her onto her website.

Giuly weighs in at a pretty hefty six kilos, but she has sharpened her claws ready for anyone who dares suggest she's an over-fat cat.

Her legion of devoted followers from as far afield as America and Spain who regularly keep up to date with her online antics won't have a word said against her.

Nor will her besotted owner Chiara Bagnoli, 28, has snapped hundreds of photos of Giuly doing things such as wearing a father Christmas hat and playing in the garden.

Catnap: Giuly enjoys a little me time as she relaxes against a wall

The 28-year-old teacher said: 'A lot of people enjoy looking at Giuly's photos and tell me they find them funny or cute, and that fills me with joy.

'She's the star of my website. She captures all the attention. My family adores the photos. They like to see them online and show them to their friends.

Get-out claws: Giuly sharpens up her act for anyone who suggests she's an over-fat cat

It's a rollover: Giuly takes time off from the pressures of her new-found fame and takes a cat nap

Garfield, the popular cartoon strip created in the Seventies by Jim Davis, often portrays the comic cat's laziness, obsessive eating and hatred of Mondays

'Giuly's a really lovely cat, very sweet and quiet. She needs a lot of love and follows me everywhere like a dog. We even go walking together.

'She's quite playful, but very lazy. Strangely, she likes to go outside and hug trees and she also loves the rain and showers herself.'

Chiara, from Florence, Italy, added: 'We got her from a pet shop and she has always been a quiet and happy cat.

'Giuly's so photogenic because she has a lot of funny, wonderful expressions on her face. And in my photos I try to make people understand her personality.'

source: dailymail

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