Friday, July 22, 2011

Who does he think he is... Winnie the Pooh? Grizzly rescued after head gets stuck in a jar


Stuck: The bear with a jar stuck on it's head weighed just 115 pounds when it was caught and treated by vets

After Winnie the Pooh, everybody knows bears have a tendency to get their heads stuck in jars.

But while the cartoon character managed to free his head from his favourite honer pot, this poor grizzly needed a little extra help.

The black bear was seen wondering the woods of Tennessee for up to three weeks with a plastic jar stuck on its head before it was tranquillised and seen to by a vet.

Pot: Winnie the Pooh was renowned for getting his head stuck in honey jars

State wildlife officers looked for the bear after reports he was caught in the jug.

The bear collapsed soon after in downtown Newport.

It weighed just 115 pounds, about half its expected weight, when it was captured.
A crowd gathered a to watch as experts inspected the animal and cut the jar off of its head.

It was eventually released into the Cherokee National Forest.
Wildlife officials believe the bear got into the jar while foraging through garbage.

Treated: the bear was seen to by vets before being released back into the wild

source: dailymail

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