Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm nuts about you! Squirrel who's fallen for a plastic dinosaur


Gis' a kiss: An amorous squirrel appears to plant a smacker on a plastic dinosaur...but is he just after the craftily planted seed?

Was it the red eyes or the razor sharp teeth that first attracted him?
Whatever the case this amorous squirrel appears to have fallen head over tail - for a plastic dinosaur.
The bushy-tailed rodent was shot cosying up to the toy T-Rex by Elliott C Nathan, in Boulder, Colorado.
Mr Nathan almost dropped his camera when the squirrel seemed to plant a huge smacker right on dino's snout.

Me and my T-Rex: The squirrel then moves in for a romantic tryst with the vicious carnivore

It then moved in for a cuddle.
But it wasn't simple Jurassic attraction that tempted the furry Romeo after Mr Nathan admitted he had mischievously placed a tasty seed in the dinosaur's mouth.
'I took these photos in my yard,' he said. 'I spent about half an hour getting the squirrel to trust me with seeds then I started putting them onto things.

Was it a case of the beer goggles? The squirrel then turns his attentions to a can of beer

'He was careful about the dinosaur at first, but finally his hunger got the best of him and he went in for the kiss.'
But perhaps the last picture, of the squirrel attempting to open a can of beer, explains the its amorous intentions best.

source: dailymail

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