Monday, November 28, 2011

Let's get outta here! Impatient labradoodle honks the horn to tell his family it's time to go


Now hear this: The angry labradoodle repeatedly hits the horn

They say labradoodles are both intelligent and unpredictable ... and this pet pooch seems to fit the bill.
On an outing with the family he managed to make his feelings quite clear.
He was stuck in the car while mom, dad, the children and others got out to get a breath of fresh air.

Patience is a virtue, but suddenly his ran out.
Beckoning the family to 'get in and get outta here,' the 18-month-old pup simultaneously honked the car's horn and barked.
He can hardly be blamed - tensions can run high during the family car ride season.

Hilarious: The children crack up as their pet pup angrily honks the horn and barks at the same time

If looks could kill: As the patriarch heads for the driving seat, the labradoodle shows his disgust

Thanksgiving has passed, the sales are on, there's Christmas presents to be bought and there's no really no time to be hanging around a public park.
The honking pup, it appears, has become something of an instant celebrity.
The hilarious 20 second video was uploaded on YouTube on Saturday and got 1,500 hits in a day.

source: dailymail

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