Thursday, July 28, 2011

I like you but you don't say much: Rescue centre gives tiny duckling a mirror so it doesn't die of loneliness


Don't I know you from somewhere? This baby duckling has been kept alive by looking at it's reflection in a mirror

A lonely duckling separated from its family at birth has been saved thanks to a mirror - which has become its only friend.

Seven-day-old Alice was taken to a rescue centre after being mauled by a gull at just one day old.

But the bird was in an agitated state and refused to eat because of the stress of being separated from its siblings.

Through the looking glass: Vets at the Devon Wildlife Centre are keeping the duckling alive by using a mirror to combat isolation from other ducklings

So quick-thinking keepers installed a mirror which tricks Alice into thinking its reflection is actually another duckling.

Now it happily huddles up to the mirror for companionship - and even 'talks' to it.

Liz Dyas, of Devon Wildlife Visitor Centre, near Newton Abbot, Devon, said: ''If we remove the mirror it goes absolutely crazy and squawks and complains until we put it back.

'The duckling regularly wanders up to the mirror and pecks at it, licks it and is constantly happily chirruping away.

'It is very common for ducklings to die once separated from the flock and we're amazed at the change in condition.

'The duckling was withdrawn, not eating and in quite a bad way when it arrived. But the transformation is incredible.

'It's really sweet to watch it nestling against the mirror.'

source: dailymail

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