Monday, July 18, 2011

Art attack: Toddler snapped in great white’s 3D teeth


Art attack Toddler snapped in great white’s 3D teeth
Jaws of death: A child lies on a piece of 3D pavement artwork featuring a shark as she poses for a photograph for her family inside a shopping mall in Fuzhou, Fujian province, China

Shark attack! Will no one save this hapless youngster from the marine monster bursting through the cracks in the ground?

Worry not, the youngster is only posing for a family photograph on a piece of three-dimensional pavement artwork inside a shopping centre in Fuzhou, south-east China.

The massive three-dimensional pictures are popular in the Peoples' Republic, with similar displays springing up across the vast south-east Asian superpower.

Last year, a Nantong City shopping centre was decorated to look as though there were huge chasms in its walkways, prompting passers-by to pose for incredible looking group photos where they appeared to be hovering in the air.

The past-master of the 3D pavement genre is widely recognised as street artist Kurt Wenner.

The American's three-dimensional chalk pictures have included muses swimming in a pond by the side of a road in Lucernes, Switzerland, a Judgement Day scene in a medieval town square, and a virtual Renaissance city painted on the pavement in Bettona, Italy.

source: dailymail

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