Thursday, December 2, 2010

Austerity bites: The Andrex puppy loses job to digitised dog after 38 years faithful service


Digitised dog: The computer-generated Andrex puppy sticks to the classic image of the Labrador Retriever

When even the cutest puppy on TV loses its job then you have to say it's a dog's life.

The Andrex talent scouts were were clearly unimpressed by the cuddly canines who lined up for a recent audition to find a replacement for the iconic bounding Labrador Retriever puppy.

A kennelfull of hopefuls lined up a fortnight ago at Pineapple Dance Studios in London’s Covent Garden in a bid to sink their teeth into the lead role.

Doggy audition: Puppies waited in the hope of becoming the new Andrex puppy at Pineapple Studios in London a fortnight ago

The familiar yellow Labs sat alongside British Bulldogs and Dalmatians, making puppydog eyes at the judges as they unravelled toilet tissue for all they were worth

But every one of them was left disappointed as Andrex chose instead to digitise its dog for the first time since the nation’s favourite puppy hit our screens 1972.

Forgive us for being a little cynical about it all but given that the company has revealed it spend six months working on the animated dog, the doggy audition was clearly just a marketing ploy.

At home: The new advert is a 'behind the scenes' of life as the Andrex puppy

Googling himself? The computer-generated canine makes its debut online tonight

But it is, nonetheless, a sad day for dogs as the series of more than 120 adverts featuring a live puppy closed the kennel door on one of the big TV jobs for dogs.

The 40-second ad, entitled 'It's the Little Things', falls into line with the current fascination with reality TV and purports to show the 'real life' of the Andrex puppy; where he sleeps, what he eats and introduces us to some British Bulldog and Dalmatian puppy friends.

The high tech makeover was developed by Andrex in conjunction with animators JWT London and Framestore, famed for award-winning animated films including The Golden Compass and Harry Potter.

Gone but not forgotten: An actual Andrex puppy and right, how Pugh sees his future job prospects

Collectively they’ve spent half a year studying thousands of puppies, watching their movements, mannerisms and personalities to ensure that the charm, character and identity of the Andrex Puppy plus all other characters are captured and built upon.

Jon White, Marketing Director for Kimberly Clark Europe, which manufactures Andrex, said: 'The Puppy’s had a huge and loyal following since the first ad hit our screens in 1972.

'We really believe we’ve given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character.'

'We’re confident you’ll love him and his new Puppy World and will be reminded about why you fell in love with him in the first place.'

The computer-generated canine will make its debut online tonight before airing on TV screen for the first time tomorrow at 6pm, during the first break in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

source :dailymail

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