Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pampered pooch: Paris Hilton cuddles her new miniature dog and carries him in his own handbag


Dog's life: Paris took her tiny new dog on a shopping trip to a camera store yesterday

Paris Hilton took her new puppy shopping again yesterday.

The tiny dog perched excitedly in Paris' arms as she visited Samy's Camera store in Los Angeles.

The 29 year-old blonde heiress cuddled the cute new pooch before stowing it safely in its own trendy handbag carrying case as she headed into the shop.

Travelling pooch: Paris cuddled the little dog before stowing it in a carrying case for a snooze

Known for her love of animals, Paris matched her outfit to the dog's blue carrier, wearing a turquoise T-shirt and carrying her own handbag of the same colour.

Her leggings also showed her love of creatures, with a snake pattern down one leg.
The socialite has previously admitted to owning 17 dogs, which makes the new puppy lucky number 18.

How much is that doggy in the window? Paris Hilton also took puppy number 18 on a shopping trip for pet supplies last week

Buying supplies for 18 dogs is a pretty tall order, but luckily Paris managed to convince sister Nicky to come along and help when she headed out Friday to stock up.

Dressed in a red wrap dress, black tights and black heels, Paris looked stunning as she pushed her shopping trolley along.

Paris' aunts Kyle and Kim are both starring on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she has admitted to being obsessed with watching them on the show.

Sisterly love: Paris and Nicky shop together for pet supplies

She even called in to Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live show last night, where Kyle Richards was the guest.

And she was more than happy to answer questions about Kim and Kyle, saying how lucky she is to have such beautiful young aunts.

The new puppy will be a perfect excuse for Paris to stay home and out of trouble, as she has been trying to keep her nose clean after a recent string of incidents with the law.

Happy shopper: Paris has 18 dogs to shop for now (and counting!)

Paris has vowed to give up her partying ways and instead has been focusing on work, recently shooting a cameo on MTV's sitcom, The Life And Times Of RJ Berger.

Puppy love: Paris holds the tiny new dog close to her as she goes shopping at Petco

source :dailymail

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