Friday, January 6, 2012

You put your left paw in, you put your right paw out: Dancing on ice, the Polar bear way


You lead .. no you lead! The bear are locked together for their ice dance in the frozen landscape near Manitoba in Canada

Celebrities aren't the only ones to do a star turn on the ice .. just take a look at these two bears sashaying their way across a frozen landscape.
These amazing images were captured by photographer Don Johnston who travelled to Churchill in Manitoba, Canada to snap these incredible bears in their natural habitat.
But what he saw surprised even him as two of the huge 1,600lb bears limbered up in front of him.

Strictly come prancing: The bear on the right looks like he's doing a heel lead in this dance in the snow and ice in Canada

As he watched the pair reared-up on to their hind legs tightly locking their paws together just metres from where he was hiding out.
And then if you believe that bears can dance, they performed an impressive ice waltz in front of the stunned photographer's lens.

Fancy a dance? These two polar bears take to their hind legs in Canada for an impromptu dance

The spot Don chose for his striking photo shoot is a well known location for polar bear-spotting as it has the largest concentration of polar bears and provides the best chance to view and photograph arctic wildlife.
Up to 1,000 bears can be seen gathering along the coastline as the winter freeze-up of Hudson Bay approaches.
When the Bay freezes each year, the polar bears can get onto the ice to hunt their favourite meal, ringed seal.
But while he was captivated by the animals Don couldn't afford to let down his guard as polar bears are renowned natural killers and attack humans if they come too close.

Care to dance? These two polar bears step up for a spot of ice dancing in Manitoba, Canada

He said: 'I was amazed by their presence. They really are fantastic creatures. I've photographed grizzly bears before but they don't seem to be as fearsome.
'We set off early one morning to photograph the bears when these two started sparring.
'The tour guide told us they were only playing and that they were probably sisters.

'When I got back home I looked at the shots and I remember thinking that the bears looked like they were dancing with each other.'
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source: dailymail

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