Friday, January 6, 2012

Proof that dogs really DO know what you're thinking - and they can understand as much as toddlers


Who's a clever boy? Dogs have similar cognitive skills to babies, say researchers

Dogs pick up not only on the words we say but also on what we mean when we say them - and they can even read our tone of voice.
Researchers found dogs' level of understanding is surprisingly similar to that of very young children.
Jszsef Topal, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, said: ‘Increasing evidence supports the notion that humans and dogs share some social skills.

'The way dogs work resembles that of a six-month to two-year-old child in a lot of respects.'
Dogs even watch how we make eye contact, to work out what we mean and why we are talking to them.
‘Dogs, as well as human infants, are sensitive to cues that signal our intent,' says Topal.

Innovative: Researchers used eye-tracking software to determine that dogs and toddlers respond in a similar manner to our commands

Topal's team tested dogs with videos of a person saying, 'Hi, dog!' in different tones of voice and using different levels of eye contact.
The dogs can 'read' the eye contact and enthusiasm as well as youngsters, the team found. Dogs know when they are being spoken to - and can even make a guess at what you are thinking.
Dr Topal said that the results will undoubtedly confirm what many dog owners and trainers already know.

source: dailymail

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