Monday, January 2, 2012

I should have paws-ed for thought: Hapless labrador who swallowed a toy car


A bit of a dog's dinner: Indie the black labrador made a full recovery after swallowing the toy car, seen stuck inside his stomach on this x-ray

This x-ray reveals in stunning detail how a toy car got stuck inside the stomach of a hungry pet dog.
Indie the black labrador had to be rushed to the vet after wolfing down the three-inch metal Jaguar car.
The two-year-old mutt, from Stoke Gifford, near Bristol, needed surgery to remove the car, which got stuck inside his digestive system.

Owner Belinda Simpkin, 43, feared the worst when she found him lying on the ground and panting.
But following the op Indie is fitting fit again.
Belinda's sons Ben, 11, and Alex, eight, have kept the toy, which has bubbled paintwork due to their pet’s stomach acid, as a souvenir of the ordeal.
The dog’s unusual meal actually belonged to Ben, who had been given the toy as a gift at a wedding the day before.

A spot of Indie-digestion: Belinda and her sons Ben and Alex with Indie, their hungry pet labrador

'Now it’s out, you can even see bubbles in the paint from Indie’s stomach acid. He has been very lucky. If it had stayed in there any longer or it had gone into his intestine, it could have killed him'
Vet Katie Illingworth, of the Rowe Veterinary Group, spent 90 minutes operating on Indie.
She said: 'The major concern in a dog this size is if it were to pass into the intestine. It could become an obstruction and perforate the intestine, who can be fatal. It could have been very serious so speed is of the essence in these situations.'

source: dailymail

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