Monday, January 23, 2012

Herd of curious cows crowd around six-month old boxer dog to sniff each other out


Surrounded: Lucy the boxer dog makes some new friends during a walk with her owner in Tyneside

If you put a six-month-old boxer dog and a herd of cows together you might expect a recipe for disaster. But one dog's close encounter in a field led to a heartwarming getting to know you session.
Filmed out on one of her favourite walking routes across Newcastle's Town Moor, the funny meeting sees the dog, named Lucy, approach the herd, who come in for a closer look.

Trouble brewing? Lucy the six-month-old boxer comes nose with a big cow at the beginning of the video

For a split second it appears that trouble may be on the way as a large black cow flinches when first approached by Lucy.
The cows then surround the fearless dog as she hits the ground, waiting to see their reaction. As she lies in wait, the cows all close in for a better look, or smell, while the equally-curious boxer also sniffs out her new found friends.

Come and say hello! The boxer puppy hits the deck and the cows make a beeline for her

At least half the herd get up close and personal with Lucy, nose to nose - but, there is no animosity between the creatures, just curiosity it seems.
The footage was actually filmed a year ago but has recently been thrust into the limelight thanks to an American TV show.
Simon said: 'The cows came over and they looked interested and so I started filming.

And you are? Lucy greets two other cows during the heartwarming exchange

Hi, what's your name? Lucy comes face to face with a new bunch of friends

'Lucy was really calm about it and it really looked like they were communicating. I don't know if the cows maybe thought she was a calf.
'She's got a very gentle and curious nature.'
In the last few days the video's views on YouTube hit over 600,000.

God nose what will happen next: Another cow inspects their new companion

Altogether now: Four cows all sniff out their fearless new mate at the same time

source: dailymail

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