Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Drinks giant Pepsi says man who claims he found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew must be wrong... because it would have dissolved


Stomach-churning: A mouse would have turned into jelly if left in a can of Mountain Dew, Pepsi said

It's a disturbing thought - could you drink a mouse without even knowing it?
Pepsi appears to have raised that question after issuing an unusually stomach-churning response to claims a rodent's body was found in a can of Mountain Dew.
Ronald Ball, from Illinois, was told he would never have known the mouse had been in his can of soda - because it would have dissolved into jelly.
Mr Ball is suing the drinks giant claiming the Mountain Dew he drank made him violently ill, and he began throwing up.

Unusual defence: Drinks giant Pepsi said a mouse allegedly found in a can of Mountain Dew would have dissolved

When it happened, Mr Ball said he poured the fizzy drink into a styrofoam cup and to his shock out came a tiny mouse.
Mr Ball, of Madison County, filed papers saying he bought a can of the Pepsi-made soft drink from a vending machine at work in 2009.
He claims when he called a telephone number on the can to complain, they sent an adjuster to retrieve the mouse.
But, Mr Ball said, the company would not return the mouse until it had decomposed, ruling out additional testing by the plaintiff.
Since then, the case has gone to court and Pepsi has moved to dismiss it.
According to reports, Pepsi's expert says the mouse would have become a 'jelly like' substance long before Mr Ball ever opened it.
The case was continued by Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Ruth, who granted the defendant 28 days to answer or otherwise plead the plaintiff's second amended complaint.
A trial had been set to begin November 28, but was put back in an order signed by Judge Ruth on November 10.
A second amended complaint was then filed on November 21.
Mr Ball is seeking damages in excess of $50,000. Pepsi, represented by lawyers Steven Danekas and Cassiday Schade, denies his claims.

source: dailymail

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