Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crowboarding! Thrill-beaking bird slides down snowy rooftop on makeshift-board... picks it up and flies back to the top for another go


Top of the run: The crow, with its makeshift snowboard in its beak, stands at the top of the roof, surveying its ski run

Snow brings out the dare-devil in most people - but especially this thrill-seeking crow. The adventurous bird clutches in its beak a mini-board - thought to be a paint-lid or frisby - while perching on the apex of the roof.
After plucking up the courage for the black run, the bird jumps on the board and slides effortlessly some 25ft down the steep icy roof.
Incredibly, the bird enjoys it so much it picks up its makeshift-board and flaps its way back to the top of the roof before dropping back into the slop for another five runs

And away we go! Balancing on its disc and positioning its wings for balance, there is nothing this crow's action can be for other than the sheer fun of it

How's my form? Getting to the deeper snow at the bottom of its run, the crow stretches out its wings and pecks at the disc to wring out the last bit of motion

Footage of the thrill-seeking crow has become the latest YouTube hit clip.
The 1min 20sec clip, posted by 'Alex' from Yekaterinburg, Russia, has no snappy music or witty voice-over - yet the simple pleasure the bird is deriving from its repeated rides has struck a chord with YouTube viewers
Various versions of the clip have aatracted as many as 250,000 views since it was posted two days ago.

Getting some air: Saving a potential fortune on chairlifts, the crow simply picks up its disc and heads back to the apex of the roof for another ski down the side

The bird can be seen skiing down the roof on a disc-shaped object - described by some viewers as a bottle top.
After the ride is over, the bird simply clutches the disc in its talons and flies back to the top of the roof - saving itself a fortune in chairlift costs.
After unsuccessfully attempting to slide down a more barren stretch of rooftop, the crow flies back to its original set-off point and enjoys another adrenaline-pumping ski down the slopes.
All the while, Alex and his family can be heard laughing at their feathered neighbour's antics (all except Alex's infant child, who finds the whole experience a little overwhelming).

No powder, dude! After briefly checking the sunny side of the roof, the crow heads back to where the skiing conditions are right

Finally, the bird picks up its disc an flies off - presumably planning to get a murder of mates together for a ski trip elsewhere.
Crows have been shown to be remarkably intelligent, with some species topping the avian IQ scale.
Researchers have observed crows using a variety of 'tools' to attract and process their food, such as hooded crows in Israel using bread crumbs for bait-fishing, or New Caledonian crows dropping nuts into a busy street and waiting for a car to crush them open.
Recent research also suggests crows have the ability to recognise one individual human from another by studying facial features.

source: dailymail

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