Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Now it's s*** my pets ruined! Animal lovers reveal the damage and destruction their beloved pets cause to their expensive property


Dinner: This boxer dog decided to make a meal out of his owner's computer chair

It is said there is nothing like the unconditional love only an adorable pet can give you - just try remembering that when you get home from work and find your home resembles a war zone.

Hilarious images of torn up letters, chewed up furniture, ransacked gardens and graffitied windows have been collected and put together to form a website called S*** My Pets Ruined.

Created in March 2010, the website updates regularly with new pictures of the chaos and destruction caused mainly by dogs and cats while their owners' backs are turned.

Artist: This dog owner's window might be ruined, but she thinks it's 'pretty damn good for a dog'

And it is a moment almost every pet owner is only too familiar with - As Rover or Whiskers look up at you with those adorable eyes, innocently cocking their heads as if to say, 'What have I done?', you try to hold in your anger and rage as you survey the damage around you.

Green pawed: This cat decided to make its own kitty litter out of the house plant

The website was set up after the success of the similar site S*** My Kids Ruined, which was put together by exasperated mother Julie Haas Brophy from New York, after her son spilled a tub of black paint all over her rug.

After posting it on Facebook, it grew from there and has since been turned into a book.

Eating out: This tabby cat fancied an Italian for dinner and got more than it fair share of meatballs

View: He hadn't quite captured the art of pulling up the blinds so decided it would be best to go through them instead

Christmas come early: These pet dogs fancied creating a winter wonderland of their own

In a similar vein, the pets' version pictures are submitted by frustrated owners who have discovered some beloved item or place ruined by their equally as beloved pet.

As one dog owner, Joelle Para wrote on the Facebook site after posting her dog beside chewed up blinds: 'She's so precious though, so it's difficult to be mad at her. I still love her.'

Another dowg-owner wrote: 'I don't care what they tear up when they are so cute.'

Owner of seven-month-old Shih Tzu Abby said she takes her path of destruction outdoors: 'This poor shrub was unearthed and shredded before it even had a chance to get put in the ground'

Bedding: While lying among the cushions, this pet decided to take a chunk out of it as well and was caught red-pawed

What did I do?: Not content with ruining his own dog bed he thought maybe his owner's rug was good to go as well

source: dailymail

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