Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make no bones about it, that's an inventive way to eat! The dog that has dinner standing up


Good doggy! Bella the dog, who has a condition which means she cannot digest food horizontally, runs to her custom-made chair and flips down the table

With a congenital disease that means she has problems digesting food, Bella could easily make a dog's dinner out of meal times.

But the seven-month-old pooch eats with ease thanks to her nifty chair and table set.

Aged four months, Bella was diagnosed with congenital megaesophagus.

Dinner time! Licking her lips, Bella waits for her owners to bring her the food

It means her esophagus is enlarged and lacks the muscle mobility to swallow food while horizontal, therefore she must eat standing up.

She uses a Baileys Chair, a seat designed by U.S. couple Donna and Joe Koch after their dog Bailey was diagnosed with the condition.

Dogs using the chairs sit in a ‘begging’ position to eat, drink or take medication.

Instead of using muscle contractions to move the food into the stomach, the dog relies on simple gravity to get their fill.

Ravenous: The food is gone within seconds, but Bella must wait in her chair for ten minutes to allow the dinner to move down to her stomach

A video shows Bella jumping into the chair, leaning against its side so she can balance on her back legs.

Using her head, she then flips down the table and her owners place a bowl in its cut out section.

Without hesitation, she gets to work on her dinner, guzzling the bowl within seconds.

Ten minutes after Bella has eaten - once the food has moved to her stomach - she is allowed to leave the chair.

source: dailymail

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