Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Bambi on Ice! Stranded deer trapped on frozen ice is rescued by three ice skaters


To the rescue! The two men head skate their way over to the deer which became stranded in the middle of Black Sturgeon Lake in Kenora, Canada

Three men leapt into action when a real-life Bambi found itself stranded on a frozen lake.

Two skaters, accompanied by a friend with a video camera, made their way onto Black Sturgeon Lake in Kenora, Canada, and used the few materials they had to push the deer to safety.

Using just a rope and a life jacket, which they fashioned into a harness, the duo slowly guided the deer from the middle of the frozen lake all the way to the safety of the shore.

Struggle: The duo attempt to secure the deer in a life jacket while their friend films the rescue

Initial attempts to harness the wild animal were frustrated as it panicked, twitched and wriggled free.

But their persistence paid off and the men finally managed to secure the strap under the deer's front legs and slide it back to safety.

Clearly exhausted by its ordeal, the four-legged creature required a final push from the cameraman to get it up the bank, meaning that the final scenes of the rescue were not captured.

Skating on thin ice: Both men found it difficult to secure the deer as it panicked and wriggled around

Almost there! The men manage to attach their harness to the deer and set about leading it to dry land

However, the cameraman later took to YouTube to reassure viewers of the happy ending: 'The deer is great! She ran off a day after resting on the shore to gain her strength.'

Posted online last week, the clip has already been watched more than 60,000 times.

As temperatures continue to drop in Canada, deer are more likely to get stuck in such life threatening situations.

So close to safety: The men and their cameraman friend head arrive at the edge of the lake

When a deer was stranded on a piece of ice in Poland last January, firefighters risked their lives to save the floating animal, though it wasn't immediately grateful.

'It was extremely difficult to reach it because the ice held us back,' rescuer Waldemar Bogatko told TVN24.

'It was frightened, jumped into the water and tried to escape but we managed to get it on the boat.'

Et voila! The deer is finally escorted onto dry land

And, in February this year, a baby doe was rescued from an icy river in Virgina.

According to the Today Show, the animal had fallen through the ice and it took several days before she wandered toward a bridge where a crew was able to lasso and drag her to shore.

source: dailymail

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