Saturday, December 10, 2011

How did you get up there? The lion looking down on the world from the top of a tree


View to a kill? A lion perched on the branches of a tree in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda

He's the lord of the jungle, the mightiest of beasts ... and, just like his little domestic relation, every now and again the lion likes to mess about high up in a tree.
With his eyes half shut, this male has just awoken from a nap at dusk in a huge tree in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.
He strains to see what all the fuss is about as the photographer's light shines into his face.

November's issue of National Geographic

Tree-climbing is not common behaviour for lions, but the pride that this one belongs to in Ishasha has actually taken to sleeping in the trees during the day.
The photo was taken by award-winning photographer Joel Sartore, who has produced more than 30 stories from around the world for National Geographic.
The accompanying article, titled Rift in Paradise - Africa's Albertine Rift, was featured in the November edition of National Geographic magazine.

source: dailymail

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