Sunday, December 11, 2011

He's nuts about corn on the cob: Chubby the squirrel puts on a little too much weight for the winter

Diet: This fat squirrel has been piling on the pounds after eating too much corn

Barely able to fit into his feeder and gently resting his foot on the side of the chair to keep his balance, this greedy squirrel tucks into his daily meal.

The large rodent has been piling on the pounds in preparation for a harsh winter and every day he is given a new cob to keep him going.

Amateur photographer Paulette King has dubbed the gray squirrel 'Chubby' because of its massive size.

Every day he visits the woodland garden where he can be seen munching his way through the food and at times, even resorts to burying some before coming back for more.

Chubby: The squirrel is one of about eight who visit the woodland garden but is definitely the most greedy

'I live in a very rural area, surrounded by woods,' said the 61-year-old.

'Chubby visits the chair feeder in my garden every day along with about eight others.

'Sometimes he sits and eats for quite a while but other times he eats briefly, runs off to bury a kernel of corn for later and then comes back to snack more.

'I usually have to put out a new cob every day. I think he rests his foot on the side of the chair because he is too chubby to get behind the cob comfortably.

'He probably needs to go on a diet but I think squirrels store fat for the winter. It can get brutally cold in Maine.'

Paulette, from Lisbon, Maine, United States, added: 'I find photographing nature very rewarding, relaxing and often very entertaining.'

Weighty: Chubby sometimes buries food before coming back to gorge himself

source: dailymail

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