Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good gumdrops! Meet the tummy-busting Christmas Gummy Bear that packs a 32,000 calorie punch


Handle with care: The Party Gummy Bear will cost £129, but creators say it will provide the perfect party talking point

Sweet lovers searching for the perfect sugar fix this Christmas need to look no further than this gigantic 32,000 calorie gummy bear.
Weighing five times more than the world's largest gummy bear, the 'Party Gummy Bear' is not for the feint-hearted - containing enough calories to sustain the average adult for over two weeks in its 265 snack-sized servings.
Manufactured in St Louis, Missouri, the 11kg candy beast features a one litre tummy bowl, perfect for serving drinks or more sweet treats from at festive parties.

Whopper: The Party Gummy Bear contains 32,000 calories and weighs in at a staggering 11kg

And children desperate to have the sugary giant in their stockings this Christmas may need to cancel the Xbox or pony orders - as the 'Party Gummy Bear' will set back mum and dad a whopping £129.
Available to order from website, the 17-inch bear, which remarkably has a one year shelf life, is available in red cherry, orange, green apple, and blue raspberry flavours.

Heads up: The Party Gummy Bear has a shelf life of one year

A spokesman for the product said: 'One fateful day in July, we dared to imagine a gummy bear so massive that it would be its own candy containment device.
'A few short months later, the Party Gummy Bear was born. We cannot think of any better way to serve candy than from within the tummy of a massive gummy bear.'

Self-confessed sweet addict Sarah Johnson, from Birmingham, was amazed when she saw the monstrous bear.

'I can't believe someone has thought to make a gummy bear this big,' said the 26-year-old receptionist.
'It's been years since I've had a pack of gummy bears but I am always munching on a pack of sweets at work and am definitely going to get my boyfriend to buy me this for Christmas.
'It might say it can last for a year but I think between me and my sister it would be all gone by the New Year.'

source: dailymail

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