Friday, December 16, 2011

C'mon slow coach: Female sloth hitches ride to animal sanctuary ...on a bus


Think I'll have a nap: This young sloth hitched a ride to an animal santuary on the bus after tourists found her lying on the floor looking ill

You can encounter all walks of life on the bus.

But passengers on a journey in Costa Rica will no doubt remember the time they shared their bus - with a sloth.

The young female, who hitched a ride on the vehicle, could be accused of taking her species' reputation for laziness too far.

But she was actually heading to the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary to be checked over after tourists found her lying on the floor looking unwell.

Photographer Suzi Eszterhas managed to snap the brown-throated three-toed creature, thought to be between five and ten, as she clung on to a rail in front of the seats.

Ms Eszterhas, 35, said: 'I was photographing sloths at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary when we received word of a new arrival.

...And in its usual environment: A brown-throated sloth will sleep 15 to 18 hours a day and spend most of their lives in the high branches of trees

'The female instinctively wanted to climb on the railing of the seat on the bus, where she rode for the journey to the sanctuary.'

The sloth was treated by the veterinarian and owner of the sanctuary for a week before being released back into the wild.

'Throughout my time at the Sanctuary I saw a few arrivals, most of which came in boxes or dog crates,' Ms Eszterhas, from California, added. 'They helped to rehydrate her and released her when she was fully recovered.'

'But this was quite a memorable and humorous arrival.

source: dailymail

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