Sunday, December 18, 2011

Are you my mummy? Tiny flame-haired monkey who's being hand-reared after his mother rejected him


Monkey mad: The primate has been nicknamed Flame because of his orange head and him being born on the day the Olympic torch route was announced

This is the precious flame-haired monkey who has been called a 'beacon of hope' for his critically endangered species.
The rare Francois' langur primate, who is only seven months old, is still being carefully looked after and bottle-fed at his home in London Zoo.
He was nicknamed Flame by zookeepers because of his orange head - and because he was born on the day the Olympic torch route was announced.

Baby's bottle: The adorable little monkey is cared for by zookeeper Kate Sanders after his mother rejected him

Flame is now cared for by zookeeper Kate Sanders, after the adorable baby animal was rejected by his mother after his birth.
He also has a monkey-shaped cuddly toy to stop him from feeling lonely when his 'mummy' is busy working with other animals.
As his surrogate mother, Ms Sanders takes Flame home every night so she can continue bottle feeding him.
The monkey's real name is Kaixin, which is a Chinese word meaning happy.

Cheeky chappie: Flame has a monkey-shaped cuddly toy who keeps him company when the zookeepers are not around

Francois' langurs are one of the world's rarest species of monkeys. Also known as Fran├žois' leaf monkeys, they are handsome and athletic.
They are usually found in northeast Vietnam and in two Chinese provinces - Guangxi and Guizhou.
The Guangxi Province population has decreased by 85 per cent in recent years, as a result of hunting and habitat loss.
The females usually share parenting duties with each other, but the father plays no part in raising his children.

Nuts about you: Flame is taken home by Ms Sanders every night so he can continue bottle-feeding

Protected: Plenty of care is taken over Flame because his species is so endangered

Cutie pie: The seven-month-old primate still needs lots of looking after

source: dailymail

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