Monday, November 28, 2011

Just take a quarter of a million sprinkles and a lot of patience . . . artist creates amazing picture from cake decorations


Shower of sprinkles: Artist Joel Brochu created a work of art that appears as a high definition photograph. However it was created with thousands of sprinkles

At first glance, it looks like a doting owner has taken a photograph of their beloved pet being showered but closer inspection reveals this piece of art is made up of thousands of sprinkles.
Joel Brochu, a fine art student, meticulously created the piece using 221,184 coloured sugary balls usually used on cakes and ice cream.
The Canadian artist said he used double-sided sticky tape to attach the myriad sprinkles to a board using a customised template.

The artist said the work began as a university fine arts project on Pointillism - the technique of using tiny dots to create a painting.
Mr Brochu said: 'It looks like an image of a beagle. It appears as a high definition photograph measuring four inches by one and a half inches.
'I did it by meticulously placing the sprinkles by hand using jewellery tweezers.They adhered to the board with the help of double sided tape and a thin layer of glue.

Hundreds and thousands: Close up it is clear to see the thousands of sprinkles used to create the beagle

'I used just six colours, red, orange, green, blue, black, and white to create a myriad of hues. The artwork's level of detail is directly correlated with the amount of sprinkles used.
'An image with fine detail, such as a panoramic landscape, looks best using a minimum of 275,000 sprinkles and would measure five feet by one and a half feet.

Fine art: The piece took eight months to complete before being preserved with a coating of clear acrylic resin

'An easily recognisable or close-up image, such as a human face, can be created with far less, 33,000 sprinkles for example, and would measure 14 inches by nine inches.'
Using a customised computer program, a template is created from an original image which guides the placement of each sprinkle.
The flexibility of the medium and colour combinations ensures that any image can be recreated with sprinkles, like landscapes, great works of art, portraits, and even black and white photographs.
Taking just under eight months to complete, once finished, it was permanently preserved with a clear acrylic resin.

source: dailymail

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