Monday, November 28, 2011

'Cause cats need iPads too: The adorable kitties getting into gaming


Gone fishing: This kitten looks like she's getting the hang of it

There's no doubt the iPad has been a game changer.
For years cats have been languishing in gaming hell, forced to make their own fun with real toys. But not any more.
These days our feline best friends can get in on all the action. New iPad apps let our pets hone their mouse catching skills, trail fish in a pond or even compose music.

Making music: There's an impressive variation of games for felines

Pretty soon they wont need to go outside at all.
And as these adorable kitties show there's nothing we humans do that cats cant pick up and perfect in minutes.

Mouse trap: These two cats take it in turns to hone their mouse catch skills

They seem just as fascinated with the glow of the screen and the repetitive play as everyone else, adults, dogs, babies.
These days between apps for the kids and the pets it's hard to get a look in.
And now that they have their own games they'll probably get even more demanding.

Gap in the market: Cats have been saying they wish there was more to do in the suburbs for years

Pretty soon they'll be demanding their own iPads to check email and tweet while you're at work
Earlier this year Whiskas cat food launched three games aimed specifically at the cat market.
Soon most of us won't even be allowed a turn- we'll have to dig out the Super Nintendo.

source: dailymail

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