Friday, November 18, 2011

The weather's gone quackers! Ducks born six months early and roses bloom in November


We're cute: The ducklings were part of a brood of nine born in Hampshire earlier this month. Sadly, the temperature dropped drastically after they hatched and only these three made it through the first night

These three ducklings are the result of Britain's amazingly warm autumn - as the weather convinced their mother it was spring and therefore time to give birth.

Named Millicent, Margot and Mildred they were born in a pond in King's Somborne, near Winchester, Hants, and are now being kept alive in a makeshift incubator in a conservatory.

Surprise! Sarah Beaurain holds Millicent, Margot and Mildred who were born early because of the unusually warm weather. They are now being cared for in a makeshift incubator in her conservatory

Another colourful symptom of the extraordinary weather is the sight of flowers in full bloom. One garden centre near Wolverhampton still has blooming roses in stock.

The balmy conditions have also resulted in an invasion of Mediterranean moths to the UK as well as a banana tree to bear fruit in a public park in Cornwall.

The warm weather is set to continue for the forseeable future with the south of England set to remain at around 60F (15C) for the rest of the week.

Beautiful blooms: Alice Furness holds a rose at David Austin Roses garden centre in Albrighton, Wolverhampton, which still has flowers in bloom due to the mild weather

The three ducklings were part of a brood of nine born in Hampshire earlier this month.

Sadly, the temperature dropped drastically after they hatched and only three made it through the first night.

Summery: Bernard Williams, 74, from Wollaston, Dudley, at home with his garden full of Begonia's which are still flowering in mid November due to the unseasonably weather

The survivors have now been rescued by animal lover Sarah Beaurain, 45, who is keeping them warm in her conservatory.

Sarah, a self-employed tailor, feeds them a varied diet of corn, wheat and mealworms and gives them water to bathe in.

She said it was likely there was only enough room for three ducklings to shelter under their mother's wings when all the eggs hatched.

The 45-year-old said: 'I was astonished when a friend phoned me on Guy Fakwes night to say nine ducklings had hatched in her pond. They usually hatch in spring.

Unseasonal: Sarah Poole, 20, examines a flowering banana in a public park in Cornwall

Bizarre: Hundreds of rare moths which are typically found in the Mediterranean, such as this Deaths Head Hawk Moth, are still flocking to the UK just weeks before Christmas due to the unusually warm weather

Amazing: Experts have been stunned to see rare migrant moths continuing to arrive in Britain at this time of year. Pictured is a Palpita Moth

source: dailymail

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