Saturday, September 10, 2011

Larry the No10 cat fails his first test as PM (prime mouser)


Behind you! Larry the Downing Street cat prepares to pounce as the mouse pops its head up

The mouse was within a whisker of disaster.

Or rather he might have been, had the predator in pursuit been slightly sharper on his paws.

But this predator was Larry, the Downing Street cat. And Larry, bless him, is not Britain’s most ferocious mouser.

So when the visiting rodent strayed into the four-year-old moggy’s territory, it turned into a cat and mouse caper worthy of Tom and Jerry.

Now where is it? Larry searches the gulley as the mouse ducks out of sight

At first, Larry looked as if he meant business. Eyes narrowed, stalking silently along the lawn, he crept out of a garden to the right of the Number 10 doorstep.

What had he seen? Could it, at last, be the very quarry that Larry was brought in to hunt when the Camerons adopted him last February?

Suddenly it became clear it was indeed a mouse. The little rodent (let’s call him Mandy) rose momentarily above lawn-level. Larry pounced and, err… missed.

‘The mouse got away and was bouncing around trying to escape,’ said the photographer who took these pictures. ‘The cat was jumping around too, trying to catch it. It kept leaping out of Larry’s claws and managed to get down into a little gulley.’

source: dailymail

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