Friday, August 5, 2011

The ultimate snappy snap: Photographer's incredible close-ups of rare crocodiles that came back from brink of extinction


Make it snappy: Mr Botelho captures one of the rare crocodiles in its habitat in Botswana

It takes an extremely brave photographer to try for a close-up this dangerous - especially when you could end up being 'snapped' at yourself.

But intrepid wildlife photographer Daniel Botelho put his life on the line in Botswana to capture these spectacular shots of a 15ft crocodile in its natural habitat.

Courageous snapper Mr Botelho came within inches of the lethal predators after photographing them in the Okavango River Delta in Botswana.

Close-up crocs: A baby crocodile is captured by intrepid snapper Mr Botelho, who spent eight days waiting for the perfect shots

The revealing images he got are well worth the danger he put himself in, however, given the plight the crocodiles previously found themselves in.

The species have been hunted excessively by humans for their skin thanks to the demand for leather goods.

Keep your distance: Mr Botelho said he got close to the crocodiles by watching their body language and, if things looked dangerous, pretending to be a tree stump

After International Trade Regulations in 1968 were introduced monitoring the hunting of crocodiles, the species are no longer endangered.

Mr Botelho spent eight days trying for the close-up in June after following the creatures on land and underwater.

The 30-year-old eventually got the shots he wanted and put his expertise down the closely watching the crocodiles' body language.

Out of my way: Some of the crocodiles Mr Botelho came across in Botswana weighted as much as 600kg

Natural habitat: The crocodiles in Botswana used to be endangered before laws were introduced to stop them being hunted

Fearless: Mr Botelho prepares himself for a dive into the delta in Botswana where he captured the crocs on camera

source: dailymail

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