Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shake, spittle and drool: Gurning dogs captured in freeze frame with hilarious results


Love me, love my dog: These freeze frames of dogs shaking their heads were captured by a photographer as she tested out her new high speed flash

They are scenes every dog owner will be familiar with.

But one photographer has used the latest technology to capture these gurning mutts shaking their coats dry with startling clarity - and with hilarious results.

Taken by 30-year-old Carli Davidson, these freeze frames show dogs in the midst of shaking their heads, twisting their faces into extraordinary positions.

It's a dog's life: The most common technique used to get the dogs to shake their heads was to whisper something rude in their ears, jokes the photographer

Mrs Davidson, a professional photographer, created the images almost by accident when she used the idea of capturing dogs' facial contortions as a way of testing out her new lights.

'They were touted as having an incredibly short flash duration, but were yet untested as they hadn’t actually been released when I ordered them,' she said.

'I had often tried to get pictures of dogs yawning and shaking in the past but it never held up, so I figured this would be a great way to test these new lights.'

Dog's dinner: The shoots are completely humane, and generally completed within half an hour

Sad as a hound dog's eye: This gurning hound has a lot of excess skin to swing

Dog breath: There seems to be more than water coming off this soggy doggy

Sweet as a ... mutt? Little dogs gotta shake too...

source: dailymail

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