Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sand sculptures used by sea park to combat the loneliness of its penguins


Blending in: The penguins at the Sea Life Park in Weymouth are delighted by their new neighbours

Penguins may not be used to sand - after all, the icy conditions of the Antarctic are very far from sunny beaches.

But this group is feeling right at home now that they have been given company in the form of sand-sculptures of their fellow penguins.

The sculptures were created by an artist in order to console the birds after the departure of another group to whom they had become attached.

Cheering up: The Humboldts had been pining for their Gentoo pals but seem satisfied with the artificial replacements

And the 11 Humboldt penguins who live at the Sea Life Park in Weymouth, Dorset, are now entertaining visitors by trying to befriend the fake birds.

The penguins had been joined temporarily by a group of Gentoo penguins earlier this year while they were in transit.

Curious: The penguins have been seen trying to befriend the new additions to their enclosure

The Gentoos, which are larger and more energetic than the laid-back Humboldts, spent a couple of months in the park and got on well with their hosts.

But when they were moved on to their new home, at a special exhibition at the Sea Life London Aquarium, the Humboldts were left pining for the charismatic birds.

source :dailymail

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