Monday, August 1, 2011

Real-life Lassie saves her owners by alerting rescuers after they fell 200ft down cliffs


Rescue: The spaniel nicknamed 'Lassie' by police and coastguard waits patiently half way down cliffs in Torquay, Devon, after her owners had plunged 200 feet to the rocks below

It could have been a scene straight from an episode of Lassie.

After a couple fell 40ft down a sheer cliff face on to some rocks, it was their springer spaniel who came to the rescue.

For several minutes the dog barked non-stop and ran backwards and forwards, until a ship sailing offshore saw her in distress and alerted the coastguard.

Loyal: The devoted pooch managed to alert passers-by who raised the alarm after his persistent barking

Emergency services were called and the real-life Lassie ran back down an embankment to oversee the rescue and stay close to her owners.

Hundreds of holidaymakers watched the dramatic rescue from the packed beach nearby. A 53-year-old man was taken by stretcher to hospital with head injuries which were described as ‘not life-threatening’.

A 46-year-old woman, believed to be his wife, escaped with minor injuries.

It was only after her owners were safely off the rocks above the picturesque Meadfoot Beach in Torquay, Devon, that the dog showed a moment of trepidation – and had to be coaxed back to the top of the cliff with a piece of ham.

Safe: The man and woman - who have not been named - were rescued, but the emergency services had difficulty tempting the dog back to the cliff top

source: dailymail

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