Monday, August 1, 2011

Medical marijuana for man's best friend: Seattle company develops 'pot patch' for dogs

By Jennifer Madison

Man's best friend: Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems president Jim Alekson says animals suffer from maladies and chronic pain similar to humans

A Seattle company is developing a medical marijuana patch for man's best friend.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC has licensed a patent for Tetracan, a 'pot patch' intended as a pain relief alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Company president Jim Alekson says could it used on dogs, cats and horses - and he expects it will be ready for market by the end of this year.

For the dogs? Medical marijuana was legalised in Washington state - for humans - in 1998

Mr Alekson, who owns three Papillons, said marijuana is safer for pets who suffer from arthritis, cancer or chronic pain caused by other maladies.

He called the pot patch a 'mellow' alternative to traditional pharmaceutical painkillers, which 'have proven harmful, sometimes fatal in animals.'

'Dogs suffer from the same maladies that humans do. It's a question of quality of life.

'I’d much rather they were on something holistic as opposed to something chemical that I know is breaking down some of the organs in their body,' he said.

Mellow: The animal pot patch is an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical painkillers, which 'have proven harmful, sometimes fatal in animals,' Alekson said

Fifteen states, including Washington, would have to pass legislation first before owners with medical marijuana prescriptions could legally give their pooches the patch.

However, the company intends to press for changes in state law that would allow veterinarians to prescribe the patch to pets.

The company, 'devoted to the advancement, research and development of marijuana delivery modalities,' is also developing creams, gels and oils 'to people and animals in need of chronic pain management.'

source: dailymail

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