Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going ape! Crazed chimp runs amok and throws food at staff after escaping


On the rampage: Josie in a calmer moment. The 23-year-old chimpanzee looted the zoo kitchen, where staff prepare the animals' food

A chimpanzee who escaped her enclosure went on the rampage stealing food from the zoo's kitchen, stunning staff and visitors.

In a scene which could have come straight from the new film Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, female chimp Josie barricaded herself in the kitchen, hurled food at staff and smashed pots at Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

Escape: The chimp enclosure at Twycross Zoo. Staff have insisted that the animal did not pose any threat to the public or zoo workers

It took staff 40 minutes to calm down the 23-year-old chimpanzee before they were able to coax her back into her enclosure.

Despite the beast going on the rampage, staff have insisted the public were never at risk after Josie escaped.

A zoo spokeswoman said: 'Josie decided she wanted an extra snack and managed to get into the back kitchen area within the chimpanzee building, where her food is usually prepared.

Just like the movies: A scene from the new film Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

'We are not entirely sure how she managed it but a full investigation is under way.

'The team at Twycross Zoo does regular drills so we are well equipped to cope with any emergency that arises.

'We followed our emergency protocols and everything went according to plan.

The movie The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, which was released last week, is a prequel to the original Planet Of The Apes film which shows how the animals take over the human race.

source: dailymail

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