Monday, August 8, 2011

The FUR-jazzled bright pink and blue pooches glammed up by their TOWIE-mad owner


In the pink: Sasha (left) and Squeak (right) go for a walk after receiving new coats

Pet lover Victoria Barter has come up with a colourful way to pay tribute to her favourite Essex celebrities.

The 20-year-old, from Heybridge in - where else - Essex, is causing a stir in her home town after dying her pet pooches gaudy colours and covering them in trinkets.

Victoria, who runs a pet grooming business, was inspired to 'fur-jazzle' her pets by the television programme The Only Way Is Essex. In a recent episode of the reality show, female cast members were filmed at a vajazzling salon where their more intimate parts were given a colourful makeover.

Best friends: Victoria insists her dogs enjoy their fur-jazzling makeovers

'I think the dogs look great all done up in bright colours and sparkling gems and all of the products are dog friendly - it doesn't harm them in anyway,' Victoria said.

'I loved the way vajazzling looked on the TOWIE stars, so I thought "why not do it on the dogs?" I think they look super glam.'

Victoria has been dying Sasha pink for six years and Squeak for two but only recently developed the idea for fur-jazzling.

Surreal: The canines pose in a colourful lineup

She also tests out new styles on friends' pooches - Scottish Terrier Hamish was given a green mohawk and German Spitz Mia was painted purple.

Victoria, who runs Cute Cuts Grooming out of her mum's garage, said: 'The first time I dyed Sasha my mum was fuming, but she's got used to it now and can see that the dogs don't mind it.'

'In fact, the dogs love it because it's just like they are being stroked or having a massage for an hour while the dye is rubbed in. They also love the attention because so many people come up to them and want to stroke them.'

Victoria now hopes her eye-catching canines will come to the attention of the programme's producers.

'It would be great to get to design something on one of the TOWIE cast pets - matching patterns or colours would be great,' she said.

Turning heads: Victoria's unusual pack of pets always draw attention to themselves when out walking

Purple patch: Victoria gives German Spitz Mia the TOWIE treatment

source: dailymail

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