Monday, August 15, 2011

And they call it puppy love: Amelle Berrabah only has eyes for her dog, even though she's on a date with her boyfriend


Infatuated: Amelle only has eyes for Herbie, despite boyfriend Tom Benn in tow

They say you can't hide the look of love.

And Amelle Berrabah seems infatuated with her new pet pooch Herbie.

The Sugababes singer cradled the tiny dog in her arms as she headed to a local park in west London with boyfriend Tom Benn.

New member of the family: Amelle's boyfriend Tom Benn cradles Herbie

While most people throw on their slacks for walkies, the 27-year-old of course dressed for the catwalk.

Showing off her petite figure, Amelle wore figure-hugging cropped red trousers and intentionally clashed it with orange shoes and a bag.

Baby's first steps: Tom and Amelle watch as playful Herbie runs around

The chart-topper added a touch of cool to the outfit, teaming it with a flat cap and baggy sweater that showed off her flat midriff.

Amelle introduced Herbie to the world last week on Twitter, posing with him on her lap in the car.

Mummy's boy: Amelle introduced Herbie to the world on Twitter last week

Tom looked particularly gigantic next to the little animal, especially when he cradled him in his arms.

However when they say down on a park bench, the tattooed former model looked like he'd rather be down the pub.

On Saturday, Amelle was gushing about the new addition to the family, writing on Twitter: 'Sitting outside having dinner with friends and little Herbie. So chilled!xxx'

source: dailymail

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