Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whiskers in the jar! Nosey fox gets head jammed in bottle while foraging for food


Curious cub: The hungry fox was thought to be searching for food when it got its head stuck in the jar at Eastbrookend Country Park in Dagenham

A nosey fox cub is recovering after having a close call with a glass bottle while foraging for food.

The cub, thought to be around five or six months old, was found by a park ranger with its head stuck in the jar at Eastbrookend Country Park in Dagenham.

The curious little fox was struggling to breath and was severely distressed when it was discovered.

The distressed little predator was quickly rushed to South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Orsett, Essex, for life-saving treatment.

Founder of the wildlife hospital, Sue Schwar said: ‘It was probably just looking for food and the jar may have smelled interesting to the young fox.

Stressed out! The little fox, thought to be around five or six months old, is recovering from the ordeal at the South Essex Wildlife Hospital after being found by a park ranger

‘The jar was well and truly wedged on as the fox’s head had swollen slightly, the fox could hardly breathe.

‘We tried washing up liquid but when that failed we had no choice but to sedate the cub, slide a sheet of cardboard in the jar to protect its eyes and our maintenance volunteer Dennis, 80, hit the rim with a hammer.’

Animal rescue: The fox was taken to South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Essex to be saved and is still recovering there

The fox was then given a wash and brush up and seems fine, although is a still distressed.

Ms Schwar added: ‘We hope to release the fox cub back where it was found very soon.'

And she added that ‘discarded litter is frequently a problem for wildlife and causes the death and injury of many animals every year.

‘At the wildlife hospital we are dealing with so many more cases where the general public are just discarding their litter.’

She confirmed that the animal was recovering well.

source: dailymail

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