Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a lovely view, deer: Surprising visitors pop up in Walsall housing estate


The two wild red deer appeared to have got a little bit lost after they turned up on a Walsall housing estate

It's rare enough to get a good picture of a single deer in the wild, but when two sauntered through housing estate, passers-by couldn't believe their eyes.

These incredible pictures pictures were taken in the Black Country industrial town of Walsall just half a mile away from a busy town centre by Tim and Tom Kitchen as they made their way to catch a bus early one morning.

'I was driving Tom to the station so he could catch the bus to London when we saw them,' said Tim, a retired ICT advisor.

They almost look like a couple very much in love as they saunter down the street, side by side

'The car in front of us really slowed down and we wondered what was going on, then we saw them come trotting into view.

'They were just so casual, walking up the road in front of this car, I was amazed.

I've seen deer around but in a street with houses built up on either side, I could not believe it.

'They were amazing but certainly not in any hurry to get out of the way or rush off. They seem very relaxed and at home.

'We saw them from when we passed Ryecroft Cemetery down to just before Proffitt Street's junction with Bloxwich Road.'

One of the deer appears a little blurred as it makes a dash for it

The 61-year-old from the Pelsall area of Walsall, said it was his 28-year-old son who had the camera with him when they spotted the deer on Sunday.

'Luckily, Tom has always got his camera with him,' said Mr Kitchen. 'I've never seen a deer before so close to the town centre.

'I'm not sure where they came from, and I've certainly never seen deer as big as these in the town before - maybe they just fancied a stroll down the canal.

After their trip to town, it is not known where the deer ended up

'They looked beautiful, their antlers were lovely and they were just so happy and calm amid the chaos of a town.

'They were stunning and we were really lucky to see them, I haven't personally seen them since, I just hope no one fancied some venison burgers later in the day.'

Morgan Bowers, senior countryside ranger for Walsall Council, said: 'The important thing to remember is not to approach them or try to stroke them.

'They are wild creatures and can get scared easily.'

She said people who had seen deer in the area and knew what species they were, could report sightings to the local Wildlife Trust.

source: dailymail

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