Saturday, July 23, 2011

The really wild things making it big on the silver screen


These snow monkeys are embracing at the edge of a hot spring, Jigokudani, Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, Japan. Only dominant females and their young have access to the hot water

A host of amazing animals from around the world are starring in a film opening in cinemas today.

The new documentary, called One Life and made by the BBC's Natural History Unit, shows many sights caught on camera for the first time - such as a trio of cheetahs hunting together.

The film, voiced by Bond actor Daniel Craig and directed by Martha Holmes, will give viewers an insight to these varied and sometimes dangerous creatures.

Young African elephants with their trunks entwined in Masai Mara, Kenya. The film crew became the first to track alongside a herd. The laidback elephants were not fussed when the cameraman drove near them

Sailfish hunting bait ball. They use their bill like a sword to knock a fish off balance and in that split second that's when the sailfish eats it

Cheetahs usually stick together when they leave their mother, but they don't often hunt together. This trio in Kenya changed the rules. They hunted as pack, using their combined power to kill prey far larger than them

The pebble toad lives on top of mountains. It has not learnt to hop and has an ingenious way of evading predators - it pulls its head in and rolls down the cliff like a pebble

The Venus flytrap lures flies into its trap with pink leaves that ooze nectar

The Weddell seal and pup in Antarctica are the most southerly dwelling mammals on Earth

When the Weddell seal pup is a few weeks old it is encouraged into the water to see the world beneath the ice. It may seem extreme but the mother knows her pup is safe from predators

A gentle giant: A lowland gorilla mother and her baby. Despite their aggressive image, the world's largest primates have strong family ties and live on a vegetarian diet

The humpback heat run - an event where males battle for the right to escort a female. The film caught the first in depth sequence that follows the battle from the air, a boat and from underwater

An elephant calf - just a few hours old - in a swamp. Here it got into trouble and was helped by its mother

source: dailymail

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