Thursday, July 14, 2011

The real Deputy Dawg: Mayor makes Miniature Schnauzer pet her second in command complete with robes and cravat


Right hand man: An animal loving mayor Joan Holmes has appointed her pet pooch as the deputy dog

Residents will no doubt be delighted to learn that their newest council official has a reputation for working like a dog.

But unfortunately that's not because of her love of hard graft - rather the mayor has appointed her pet dog as her deputy.

Joan Holmes, 62, was elected mayor in Brentwood, Essex, and nominated her eight-year-old Miniature Schnauzer Abi to be her official consort on official visits and trips - complete with her own miniature robes.

Deputy Dawg was a cartoon character on the animated TV series, by the same name, in the 1960s

The fluffy grey pooch is taking her new role very seriously and wears a miniature version of her owner's red-fur trimmed ceremonial robes and a tiny white lacey cravat.

Ms Holmes said: ‘She seems to like her mayor's outfit, and it really suits her.

‘It takes a while to realise that people do think the role of mayor is important, and Abi will hopefully be treated the same way in her new role.

‘She's very sociable, like me, she loves her food, like me, and when the day is over she likes nothing more than putting her feet up.

Animal lover: Joan Holmes, 62, was elected mayor in Brentwood, Essex, alongside her pooch

‘I don't, however chase squirrels,’ she joked.

Conventionally the Mayor will appoint their husband, wife, a relative or a close friend as their consort for official engagements but Ms Holmes intends to take her ‘deputy dawg’ on as many official visits as possible - especially to schools.

She said: ‘She loves children and they love her. She loves having her tummy tickled and makes a fuss of people.’

source: dailymail

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