Saturday, July 23, 2011

Patches the dog on death row saves his own life by singing Happy Birthday


Singing sensation Patches, right, was saved from death after being able to sing happy birthday

They say that every dog has its day, but the days of Patches the mongrel seemed numbered - until he was able to sing Happy Birthday.

Patches was due to be put down at a dog pound because no-one who could prove they knew him had come forward.

That was until a dog foster carer called at Mildura pound in Australia, where 15-year-old Patches was being kept on death row and tried to get him to sing Happy Birthday. He obliged - and his life was spared.

If that sounds like a shaggy dog story, well, you should hear him howl in accompaniment whenever anyone strikes up a rendering of the birthday tune.

Patches' elderly master, Eddie Vassallo, an Italian migrant living in northern Victoria, used to spend hours sitting with his pet on his knee.

But when 82-year-old Eddie died three months ago, Patches got caught up in the confusion that followed and ended up in a pound.

source: dailymail

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