Thursday, July 14, 2011

The orangu-twins! Dozy pair are tired of the attention after rare feat of birth in capitivity


Handful: The first Bornean orangutans twins ever to be born in captivity at Hong Kong's Zoological and Botanical Gardens

This pigeon pair of Bornean orangutans look too tired to be worried about the excitement, but their birth could be good news for conservation efforts.

The twins were born in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens last Friday, with the male baby weighing 2 kg and the female about 1.4 kg.

This is the first-ever successful breeding of Bornean orangutan twins in Hong Kong, bringing to five the total number of this primate in the Zoo.

Wide-eyed: The male orangutan, right, and his sister were born to father Vandu and mother Raba on July 8, 2011

Born in the morning of last Friday, the twins are the two little darlings of Vandu and Raba, the adorable and popular stars of the gardens.

They are both in good health and are being well taken care of by the veterinarian and staff of the HKZBG.

The baby twins have yet to be named. They are still adapting to their new life in the gardens before they will meet with visitors.

Feeding time: Zoo staff make sure the baby orangutans get a good breakfast

The twins' father, the 16-year-old Vandu, was transferred from a zoo in Hungary to Hong Kong in January last year through a conservation breeding program.

Mother Raba, now 15 years of age, was born in the zoo in 1996.

The Bornean orangutan is an endangered primate. With its huge body and lovely appearance, it has always been the most popular animal in the zoo.

Mum: Raba, mother of the Bornean orangutans twins

Big daddy: Vandu, the impressive father of the Bornean orangutans twins born Hong Kong Zoo

source: dailymail

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