Friday, July 8, 2011

Miniature pony owner launches desperate appeal to raise £6,000 for lifesaving surgery on Falabella's twisted legs


Desperate plea: Minxy's owner Joanne Morris, 29, is asking for animal lovers to help her pay for the £6,000 surgery on her pony's twisted legs

A rare miniature pony born prematurely with twisted legs is facing death unless his owner can raise £6,000 to pay for lifesaving surgery.

Cute mini Minxy, a Falabella pony, was born just ten weeks ago at stables in St Blazey, Cornwall.

Owner Joanne Morris, from Truro, spent two weeks living in her car so she could provide round the clock care to the sick animal at her parents' stables.

Best friends: The pony, weighing just 13.5kg, has become best friends with five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Chloe

She moved the pint sized pony, which is claimed to be the smallest male pony in the world at 17.6 inches tall, to her home to continue caring for him.

Joanne, 29, said: 'He needed feeding every half hour and couldn't stand to suckle from his mother.

'He was around six weeks premature and not fully formed. His legs were severely twisted.'

Around £1,600 has already been spent on vets' bills splinting Minxy's legs to help straighten them and wrapping them in bandages every day.

'His front legs have become a lot stronger but his back legs will need pinning. He needs a scan which costs £800 a leg plus around £4,000 to operate.'

Tiny horse: Minxy, standing at 17.6 inches tall is not much bigger than a two litre bottle of Coca Cola
Joanne continued: 'Without these operations he would not survive.

'Even though he is able to walk with the aid of splints, they are causing pressure sores and if they were to get infected could kill him.

'He is such a strong willed little fella - we want to give him the chance of a normal life.'

Falabellas born with such deformities are often put down because of the cost of correcting their deformities but Joanne has launched an appeal to save Minxy.

Poor pony: Miniature pony Minxy desperately needs lifesaving surgery on his twisted legs and his owner has launched an appeal to raise £6,000 for it

During his short life so far, the pony, weighing just 13.5kg, has also become best friends with five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Chloe.

The pair have become inseparable since Minx was born and Chloe ‘mothers’ the pony by licking him clean.

Joanne is hoping that these adorable pictures will pull on the heartstrings of animal lovers, who will donate funds to help her cause.

source : dailymail

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