Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leopard on the loose: Big cat goes on the attack after straying into village


The leopard attacks a forest guard at Prakash Nagar village near Salugara in north-east India

This is the horrifying moment a fully grown leopard pounces on a forestry department official in a village in deepest India.

The big cat mauled six people after straying into the village from a nearby national park and becoming startled by curious humans.

The forest guards eventually managed to corner and successfully tranquilise the beast but not before it attacked one of their own men.

Villagers can only watch in horror as the leopard which mauled a number of people lands on a forest guard

These pictures show the amazing scene as it unfolded in Prakash Nagar village, near Salugara on the outskirts of Siliguri, in Assam, north-east India.

Perched on corrugated rooftops and walls, the villagers watch the action in a mixture of horror and excitement.

The village, which is surrounded by national parks and is , sits in the slim section of India between Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Leopards are occasional visitors to town - but happily there was a happy ending as the leopard eventually slipped into unconsciousness in an alleyway after a forest guard managed to connect with a dart.

The guards eventually get the beast under control and tranquilise it. It then makes its way to an alley before falling into unconsciousness

Villagers grab a rooftop view to watch the excitement unfold in Prakash Nagar village

source: dailymail

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