Sunday, July 24, 2011

The jaws of death: Daredevil wrestler who puts his head into mouth of a crocodile


What a croc: This Thai wrestler shocked crowds with this daredevil stunt

Crowds went snap-happy when this daring Thai wrestler put his head in between a deadly crocodile's razor-sharp teeth.

These amazing pictures show him risking his life in a pit of the fierce reptiles during a spectacular show for tourists in Pattaya city, in southeast Thailand.

As well as prising one of the man-eater's jaws open, the fearless performer kissed a croc on the nose, pulled one's tail and lifted up a small croc to show its belly to the delighted spectators.

Get snappy: The wrestler places a kiss on the croc's nose

One bite from the fierce reptile can crush a human skull and the man-eater can grow up to six metres and weigh up to a ton.

One shocked tourist told The People: 'However much they're paying him, it's not enough'.

Photographer Tom Howell, who was at the Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Park, said: 'The Crocodiles are large, big-toothed and very angry crocs.

'They all look mean and ready to eat someone. Its quite amazing how the Thai performers drag the crocodiles from there pit and make them do stunts.

Don't slip: tourists look on at the amazing spectacle

'At one point he ran and slide across the pit and straight into the jaws of an opened mouthed huge crocodile'.

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Park attracts thousands of visitors a year and includes daily shows of men fighting with adult crocodiles bare-hand.

The park breeds its own crocodiles and claims to have the largest population of salt water crocodiles in this country.

Heavy work: The Thai wrestler dangerously holds the crocodile, showing spectators its belly

source: dailymail

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