Sunday, July 10, 2011

It didn't have the Rex Factor: Simon Cowell chucks out Paula Abdul's chihuahua from U.S. talent show


Pets: Paula Abdul with three of her dogs in 2005. Simon Cowell chucked out one of her pooches from the X Factor USA

First Cheryl Cole was unceremoniously sacked fromX Factor USA.

Now Simon Cowell has dismissed a dog belonging to fellow judge Paula Abdul – because it was eating more expensive restaurant meals than he was.

Tulip the Chihuahua would regularly join Simon and Eighties singer Paula for gourmet dinners at the end of a day while on the road filming auditions.

The miniature pet would sit on Paula’s lap or a chair and devour her own main course, washed down with Evian – because the dog doesn’t touch tap water.

Paula would split the restaurant bill ‘three ways’ with the 51-year-old multi-millionaire, a source close to her entourage said.

Waving goodbye: Simon Cowell said the dog was unhygienic

‘It was pretty gross. Tulip would wolf down her entire plate in seconds and then bark, whine and beg at Simon for his food,’ the source said.

‘He told Paula she had to put a stop to this – that it was unhygienic and embarrassing.

‘I gather the final straw for him was that one day Paula ordered a main course for the dog that was more expensive than Simon’s. He just couldn’t get his head around that.’

The exasperated tycoon has now banned Tulip from his table.

‘Paula adores Tulip but she’s not going to argue with Simon, especially after what happened to Cheryl,’ the source added.

Simon’s spokesman declined to comment.

Earlier this week Simon's axed X Factor judge Cheryl was spotted in Hollywood having an intimate dinner with ex-lover Derek Hough.

The 28-year-old is on her first trip to the States since her humiliating sacking from the U.S. show's judging panel two months ago.

Cheryl met up with former boyfriend Derek Hough, the man she described as her ‘rock’ during her divorce.

source: dailymail

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