Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is she bananas? Monkey-mad mother who takes her beloved macaques everywhere she goes!

Don't forget the bananas! Tibbs shops for supplies at her local supermarket

Monkey lover Connie Tibbs will argue she is anything but bananas - however these pictures prove otherwise!

Tibbs 37, from Pekin, Illinois, is so obsessed with her pet macaques - all FIVE, that she refuses to let them out of her sight.

Whether she's out shopping for the weekly supply of the in-demand fruit, driving around or even when it's time to call it a night, her macaques are never far away.

Tibbs has revealed that her animal kingdom friends are equally fixated with her:
'They attach to you almost like a human to a baby.
'If you pulled one of me, they'd scream.'

Brace yourself! Connie with the whole gang

Husband Steve admitted he even faces a barrage of claws from the macaques when he tries to get a kiss and a cuddle from Connie.

Meanwhile their children, Tanner, 17, Dalton, 13 and Victoria, 12 have also had to contend with their mother's craze .

Connie, 37, gives the creatures a weekly bath in the family's main bathroom, changes their nappies in the kitchen, and dresses them up in tiny outfits.

Pool party: Steve, Dalton and Victoria (from right to left) take three of the monkeys for a swim

Monkey's Alley, three, Jackson two, Audrey, two, Dexter, one, and Jaeda, one, have such a grip on their monkey mum she even takes one to bed with her every night - dressed in it's very own pyjamas!

The macaque is part of a group of original Old World primates that hail from Africa and Asia with a recognised 22 species.

Wash and go! Tibbs gives Jaeda, 1, a bath (left) and later attempting to fill up her car, with Alley, 3 and Dexter, 1

Let's take a ride: Tibbs takes her pets for a spin

All smiles: Tibbs (centre) and her macaques with her entire family (L-R) Steve, 60, Dalton, 13, Connie, 37, Victoria, 12 and Tanner, 17

Lights out: Connie and husband Steve before going to bed with monkey Alley, 3

source: dailymail

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