Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I do-oo-ooh: Two monkeys 'marry' in secret after officials vow to halt wedding


Owner, Rajesh, prepared a feast for people who gathered at his monkey's wedding

He was the jungle VIP who had reached the top and she was his bride-to-be.

But this love affair isn't an animation or fable, it's a true story - with a twist.

Two monkeys, Raju and Chinki, have had to get 'married' in secret after the authorities got wind of their impending nuptials and took exception to the ceremony.

Hundreds were planning to attend in the village of Banetha, 200 miles south of New Delhi and not to be deterred, the monkeys' owners took them off to a secret location. They now face arrest.

Raju is well known in the area for eating, sleeping and smoking with his owner, Ramesh Saini, 38, a rickshaw driver who nursed him back to health after finding him unconscious three years ago.

A government official carries Chinki on his shoulder after being found with the Hindi married woman's vermillion on her forehead

Chinki lives with a priest in a village close by and he suggested that they get married.

Their wedding was due to be something of a spectacle, adhering to traditional Hindu customs including seven rounds of the sacred fire and vows recited by a priest.
Raju was to be taken by horse in a procession to meet his bride after a huge wedding feast.

Before they wed, married but childless Ramesh said: 'I want to enjoy the feelings of a son's marriage through Raju's wedding. We will welcome the bride in our house in Banetha after the wedding with all rituals.'

Ramesh with Raju at Banetha Village where he is known for 'smoking, eating and sleeping with his owner'

However, when the authorities stepped in, Raju and Chinki had to flee their village and, like Romeo and Juliet, had to get married in secret.

Ramesh said he expected 2,000 people to turn up to witness the marriage and cooked a large pot of food for everyone to enjoy.

The 200 forestry officials went on a search of the vast forest but were unable to stop love and Raju and Chinki married deep in the forest.

source : dailymail

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