Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home tweet home: Bert the budgie makes a great escape but hands himself in to the RSPCA after a week on the run


Birds of a feather: Bert the budgie (left) reunited with his best mate Lola after being feared lost forever

Seeing his opportunity to escape from captivity, the jailbird decided to make daring bid for freedom.

Bert the budgie sneaked through a two-inch gap in his cage while it was in the garden and made his getaway – leaving two young children distraught.

But Bert obviously had second thoughts. Because six days later, he handed himself in – at an RSPCA rescue centre a mile away from his home in York.

Helen Brown, 30, had been feeding two-year-old Bert and his playmate Lola when the pet made his escape, in as daring a manner as Rocky the Rooster does in the film Chicken Run.

Great escape: Rocky the Rooster in a scene from the film Chicken Run, a homage to POW camp escape movies

With her children Sam, nine, and four-year-old Lucy crying for his return, father Martin made several desperate attempts to catch the bright blue bird as he flew into a tree before landing on a neighbour’s porch.

But Bert managed to evade him and was feared lost for ever.

source: dailymail

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