Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get stuffed: The disturbing animals created when taxidermy goes wrong


Eyes wide open: A leopard is fashioned onto a plaque and a polar bear with a young cub

Animal lovers, look away now! These pictures show the misfortune of some of the world's best known creatures ranging from lame leopards to pitiful polar bears!
The pictures were all posted up a Facebook page aptly named Badly Stuffed Animals and has a current following of 2,707.

Freeze frame: The gory sight of a Llama (left) and a deer

One user failed to see the comic value of the amateur taxidermists who make a mockery of many dead beasts, that are butchered and left looking incredibly deranged. He said 'There is something very creepy when taxidermy is done badly.'

Monkey business: The mischievous jungle monkey

On the back foot: A two-legged donkey

There were also more familiar sights with dogs, gorillas and wild hogs amongst the stuffed corpses that have been preserved in a sloppy state.

Fur-ball abuse: A dog and a hog are amongst the stuffed victims

A helping hand: A stuffed gorilla is held upright whilst a dog is preserved in a frenzied state

Other victims included a fox that had been stretched with a horrendous stoat-like creature widely found on the UK's shores also on display.

On duty: A stuffed mouse is tailored like a cowboy

Full stretch ahead: An elongated fox

High five: Severed mice are placed on a taxidermist's fingers with a dog also on show

A pardon for your sins! A stuffed mouse is clothed in a priest's uniform and another dog

The taxidermists even managed to get creative, gutting the insides of a pair of moles to make a pair of shoes not for the faint hearted! Whilst the more familiar sight of a lioness and a cat were also available for viewing.

Do you have these in a size 7? A pair of shoes fashioned from dead moles

Cat-astrophe: A lioness

Lions pride: The King of the Jungle is seen together with a lamb and below a cat

source: dailymail

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